The Tao of Running

Your Journey to Mindful and Passionate Running

The Tao of Running Your Journey to Mindful and Passionate Running


Running is more than moving one foot in front of the other. Running can evoke spiritualism and mindfulness; it can teach fundamental lessons about goals, self-awareness, and self-improvement; it can be a transformative existential experience. The Tao of Running offers a fresh perspective on this mental side of running while entertaining with vivid tales of running adventures. Going well beyond the standard training and racing advice found in most running books, it guides runners to a wider understanding of how running fits into their own aspirations, goals, and life philosophy. The Tao of Running answers questions such as: How does running evoke mindfulness and lead to stress reduction? How does running promote special friendships and new perspectives on life? No other book offers readers these multiple frameworks for understanding their running experiences along with lots of practical advice on getting the most out of running. Readers are guaranteed to gain a greater appreciation for the rewards and possibilities inherent in running and will significantly deepen, enlighten, and enrich their running experience.


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Über die Autoren

Dudney, Gary

Gary Dudney ist langjähriger Kolumnist für verschiedene Ultralaufzeitschriften in den USA. Er selbst hat über 200 Marathon- und Ultramarathonläufe erfolgreich gefinisht. Seine Erfahrungen und Laufabenteuer der letzten 40 Jahre veröffentlichte er nun in diesem Buch.

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