Hans-Georg John

Outstanding Leader in Sport: Harold W. Henning

Leadership between Swimming and Politics
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The main concern of the book is to introduce the reader into the manifold challenges and high demands that a leader of an international sports organization has to face. Harold W. Henning, a dental doctor and, besides his professional occupation, an excellent athlete, couch, judge and administrator, run an amazing, unique career, which reached its surnmit in his functions as Hon. Secretary and President of the World Swimming Federation (FINA). Just during this period, many complicated political, social, economical and other involvements made high demands an the leadership qualities at the top of an International Sports Federatian. The book demonstrates in same selected examples his continuous ridge walk between sports and politics and summerizes his brilliant leadership, success, acknowledgrnent and distinction.
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Outstanding Leader in Sport: Harold W. Henning
Leadership between Swimming and Politics
(Schriftenreihe des Willibald Gebhardt Instituts, 8)
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Dr. phil. Hans-Georg John is a retired Professor of Physical Education. He taught Sport History and Swimming at the University of Halle in the Farmer German Democrafic Republic, at the Rheinische Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen and at the University of Essen where he still is a member of the Board of Directors of the Willibald Gebhardt Research Institute. From 1981 to 1989 he served as a Chairman of the Section Sport History in the German Society of Sports Sciences (dvs). During fhe last twa decades his research and publications focused an the history of swimming. In 1986 he was the author of the historical part in the jubilee book af the German Swimming Federation (DSV) an the occasion of their centenary. Since 1989 he has been serving as the historian of the World Swimming Federation (HNA), arranging the FINA archives in the International Swirnming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale and in the FINA Office in Lausanne. In 1996 he contributed the historical part in the FINA book HistoFINA, published an the occasion of the Atlanta Olympic Games. The occupation with the archives encouraged him to turn his attention to investigating the work and contributions of same outstanding leaders in world swimming, beginning with this monograph.